in my absence, however, i have been working on many projects. The long delayed release of my debut album, Post Visual, is finally almost done. Ive been working a lot on music and video art. Im also working on an experimental and semi interactive art story/game finally coming to fruition via this website. I have also started screenprinting to cut out the middleman of redbubble and actually make a decent profit off of it instead of an unfairly small percentage for my work. so because of that, i will be having a pretty big sale soon and opening up my own shop on here, with merch including clothing, prints, CDs, and my non-digital art pieces.

i only started this site a few days ago, so its a work in progress but have managed to upload quite a bit, so take a peek around. as always, theres hidden content in my work.
*cough click here*

hello friends.
if you are reading this, it is because I gave you this hidden link and felt you cared enough to want an explanation.
i know i've been MIA online on and off for a while.
its been a really rough year.
i was told i had cancer, got a mastectomy but still at high risk for cancer, and on top of that I've lost about 97% of my friends.
this year has just been miserable, and I havent felt like posting anything for a long time because I just felt uncomfortable on those platforms.
too much hate for my health to handle.
so i made my own.
this website will service as my virtual gallery. i work with too many mediums that instagram/fb/etc were
too limiting to me, and having the domain of is pretty kickass, hahahaha.
i hope i've cleared a few things up for y'all. i miss ya, and hope you chose to subscribe for more, because i have several big projects coming out very soon, as well as plans for projects in progress.

ive missed yall.
i hope yall missed me too.
its been a very long and lonely year and i would love someone to talk to.
shoot me an email @
[email protected]

where have
you been?