waiting 4 u

this was the first track where i started focusing more on making music, and the first music video i made for a song, instead of the other way around. the clips are from a great movie, called "somewhere in time".

The sneaky, soft release edition that was silently shown at Ovation at Emo’s. Only 5 copies were made, and also included many easter eggs, such as bonus tracks, videos, and poetry. I had been sitting on this album for a while but due to budget reasons couldn't make enough copies in time for the show.
If yr one of the lucky ones who got the physical copy, I hope you enjoy!

Post Visual is a concept album Ive been working on for a while now. Its not nearly as long as it was supposed to be, my phone broke and lot of the work i had done was lost forever, forcing me to rebuild.
The concept came as i started working on videos, i realized i wanted some background ambience.
although it started out more of video-music, as it was supposed to be ambient background for my visuals than actual music, but that just opened my eyes to the attention of music. it has evolved over time, as all things do, so the soft release was a rarity, but the full album includes so much more.
in the meantime, here are the only remnants of my "video music" with some textual commentary, along with the full soft release edition of post visual that played silently during Ovation.

this was the second video-music i had made. taken from a photo at the dry lake hefner on an eeirly foggy and quiet morning.

post visual
Waiting 4 U

simple, repetitive, and haunting.
just like me.
this was the first "video music" I made. it may be basic, but im still proud of it. part of a project I've been putting together for a while of the same title, this video was the intro.

these beats will make u lose sleep

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post visual

these beats will make u lose sleep

the complete soft release edition of ’POST VISUAL’

about this project


bandcamp purchase includes a link to google drive with many bonus tracks, music videos, poems/lyrics, etc. this is a live project, and a live drive full of art that's updated frequently.