most of the large buildings are full of empty spaces, a few private offices, and several stores that seemingly are never open, but are free to the public to enter and explore

blurry visions
dark photos
fuzzy memories
the blurry beauty of the ignored
accompanied by rare glimpses of clarity & serenity
take a trip with ill tati
and see the world how she sees it

ill city//OKC

its so quiet here

blind imagery

and thats what you're met with after you go down the stairs. you realize that the station is abandoned, and not real. even though the train you had just gotten off of was real, the station itself doesn't exist. its just a lonely, empty building.

and empty

which is why i love it

but peaceful

f i r s t s t o p :

oklahoma city is a strange place
the "train station" is a perfect depiction of how the city is, bright and hopeful from the outside, but as you descend the stairs you get the eerie feeling of ominous ambiance and loneliness...

but since no one does, it remains mostly empty and quiet

as is most of OKC..

no one goes downtown

the ignored paradise of my home city
and whats so beautiful about it