my name is tati. i also go by illumitati, or ill.

but my mental illness has left me too depressed and anxious to show it to the world and really put myself out there. so ive got a gigantic archive of unseen artwork, hidden from the world. im hoping this website will reach some people and make some kind of impact or impression on somebody.
i just want to share my passion with the world

ill perspective:
an artist statement and bio by illumitati

i havent been in school since my senior year at an art high school, when i was was kicked out, thrown in a mental hospital, and officially deemed ill tati.

ive got no "formal" training, from college or otherwise, but plenty of experience in its absence, which in my opinion is worth more than a diploma and unpayable debt, because ive had the freedom to create as i wish, not what im assigned. ive been able to explore my creativity, which has opened the doors to a wide variety of mediums and experimental projects.

i am a passionate and dedicated life long artist. as my nickname tells, i am very ill, both mentally and physically. as an escape from the anguish of these ills, i found solace in art and have an undying flame for creating. my lifelong insatiable art lust has allowed me to explore and experiment many mediums. you name it, i've probably experimented with it once. as the old phrase goes, ā€œA jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.ā€

im on medications now, which help a lot, but social media is too limiting for me & my massive archive, and my mental health cant take much of the pressure of making an impression on those platforms.
so i made this website. its not the best, but it'll do for now.

"art is the reflection of the true expression of the soul"

my mediums stretch into both traditional and digital media, often an eclectic mixture of both. aside from traditional mediums, i do most of my art on my phone. i dont like computers, and im too poor for a tablet.

2018 was a rough year for me, i hope 2019 is better. as soon as i started trying to improve my mental health, i was hospitalized and told i had breast cancer. at 22 years old, a month before my birthday, i had to have a mastectomy to remove a massive tumor that was almost a whopping 4 pounds. im in severe debt, and donations help but i dont like asking for them.